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New members are always welcome at Ickenham. Whether you want to play Senior, Women's or Junior cricket, or perhaps just want to join in with the social life, there is something to be of interest at the Club.

Note that membership rates quoted below apply to the full calendar year of 2023. Membership fees are set each year at the Annual General Meeting.


Joining Members

For the next membership year (1st Jan 2023 - 31 Dec 2023) ICC will be using new software, LoveAdmin, for managing all payments and administration. This is to include both annual subscriptions as well as all relevant match fees throughout the year.

In order for this to be implemented properly, we require all members to register and sign up for the 2023 season online. This will replace all previous processes and all manual bank transfers to the ICC account for all memberships. By signing in and creating an account, you can then purchase the appropriate membership(s) for the coming year.

To get started please use the following link - ICC Membership Sign Up

Things to note:

  • For all Juniors, including Foundation, the parent/guardian should register at initial sign up.  You will input all the relevant details of the Junior member(s) when adding a membership to the basket.  If you have more than one child at the Club, you only sign up once as you are able to purchase multiple memberships through the one account.

  • There are two methods of payment, GoCardless & PayPal:

    • GoCardless - this is a direct debit set up and it will request you to set up a bank mandate. If you purchase membership prior to 1st Jan 2023 and select this option it will proceed to take payment on 1st Jan 2023. Note that we have NOT set up this option to take automatic payment at any time - you will have to approve all payments through your account.

    • PayPal - usual debit/credit card payments - if you select this option an invoice will be raised to your account and you will see this outstanding whenever you log in - it will remain outstanding until you pay this through your account.

  • Please try and set up an account ASAP so we can clear up any issues well in advance of the coming membership year.

  • No payment is due before 1st January 2023 and if you select PayPal you can choose to pay as and when you prefer. I.e. you will have an outstanding invoice on your account but this can remain outstanding beyond 1st January 2023, you will be able to make payment on this whenever you would usually make payment to ICC for the membership year.

  • Any questions please email or

Senior Players

Each year we welcome new senior players who represent us in one of our five Saturday and/or two Sunday teams.

If you are thinking of joining as a senior player then we suggest you have an introductory discussion with the Scott Wilsher, Cricket Chairman, whose contact details can be found on the list of committee members.

Senior Playing Membership is open to anyone without discrimination.

Student Players

This class of membership is open to all those members who wish to play cricket on a regular basis, and who are beyond junior age cricket and in full-time education and/or on an approved training scheme.


Please do speak to the Scott Wilsher, Cricket Chairman, before applying - his details can be found on the list of committee members.

Women Players

Ickenham Cricket Club has an active women's section. Whether you want to get involved seriously or recreationally with friends, you are most welcome here at IWCC.

To join as a female player, we suggest you have an introductory discussion with Sherisa Gumbs, the Women's club captain whose details can be found on the women's cricket page.

Junior Membership

This is for our younger members who are in school years anything up to school year 12 and want to get involved in cricket.

All parents and guardians are welcome to use the Clubhouse facilities as guests.

Please read the Junior section of this website to see how to join our Junior section or contact the Junior Chairman.

Social Membership

Applicable to those who wish to use the club's non-cricketing facilities.

To join please contact the Membership Secretary.

Non-Playing Membership

This class of membership is open to existing members who have been members for the previous three years.

Non-playing members enjoy the same benefits as social members, plus their long term relationship with the Club entitles them to vote on Club business at general meetings.

To join please contact the Membership Secretary.


All grades of membership provide the entitlement to use the club's bar whenever it is open for business.

The Club's membership year runs from January to December. Members are reminded about Club Rule 11 which states:
If the appropriate subscription has not been paid by 1st May, the subscription will be increased by 50%. Any member failing to pay their subscription by 1st June shall, at the discretion of the Management Committee, cease to be eligible for selection to play cricket until their subscription is fully paid, or cease to be a member of the Club.

For more details about Club membership contact Membership Secretary.

Membership Category
Senior Playing Member
Women Playing Member
Student Playing Member
Junior Playing Member (Year 4+)
Junior Playing Member (Years 1-3)
Sibling Junior Playing Member
Non-Playing Member
Non Playing Member (Senior)
Social Member
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