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Ickenham Cricket Club is a growing community with over 300 members ranging from playing members to social members. On Saturday's during the cricket season, the club freqeuntly has three home games which caputures an large and inviting audience which is perfect for advertising. This makes Ickenham Cricket Club a fantatsic and unique club to establish a sponsorship partnership with. 

Please contact the Sponsorship Secretary for any further information.

Why Sponsor Ickenham Cricket Club?

  • Over 300 club members 

  • Regular events held during the year for advertising opportunities 

  • High attendance during cricket matches in the Summer 

  • Firendly and welcoming atmosphere 

  • Links with the local community 

Where is your money spent?

All sponsorship funds are redirected back into Ickenham CC to improve its
acilities and experiences for its members.

Some examples of this include:

  • Funding for improved faciltiies 

  • New equipment for Junior and Senior Cricketers 

  • Investment into the Club Pavillion 

With increased sponsorship over the past year, Ickenham CC has been able to invest
in the club and make improvemnts to it which include:

  • Brand new astro turf and net facility 

  • New covers 

  • Improved equipment 

Further Projects

With extra funding and sponsorship, Ickenham CC hope to invest in:

  • Ground maintenance 

  • Sightscreens 

  • Club pavillion upgrades

Further details can be found in the Club Development Plan

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